It has always been a pleasure working with you through these many years (10), and on the various jobs of construction you have performed for us, whether in my country house, or here in the city. And especially in New York where everything is supposed to be a hassle and was not due to your supervision. The men you employ are neat, efficient, and know their trade, and with your management of projects, it all seemed to go perfectly. I also appreciate the fact that you will stand behind the work in case it needs attention or adjustment. That’s always a plus. Therefore I wish to thank you for a job well done.
— Joyce Diamond Eskwitt

Thank you for the very professional job you did for us in Ashley Falls. Starting with the Summer Room two years ago and finishing with the total exterior restoration this summer, everything you have done, from foundation to furniture, has been very high quality and on time. We respect the creativity and integrity which you brought to this project. It has been a delight to work with you.
— Lo-Yi Chan, Prentice & Chan, Ohlhausen Architects

From the beginning of the job, Howard was punctual and knowledgeable about estimates and advice. He interacted as a full participant in the project with my architecht and me, offering the solutions we’d been unable to find. He exhibited beyond-the-call patience and flexibility when the project hit city and co-op delays, and the job started immediately after we finally received permits. It is very important to me that I work with people whom I like and trust beyond the necessary tangible know-how, and Howard has surpassed my highest expectations in all areas.
— Jen Bilik

When we first began the project, Michael Pierce and I provided you with only the skeleton of direction. We were eager to begin although many questions existed. You addressed the essential issues immeidately so that Michale and I could focus on finishes and other details. Additions and changes which broadened the scope of the project posed no problem: you and your staff adaptd to changing direction wiht precision. In fact, your knowledge and experience offered an important “ground” when Michael and I became surreal in our ideas! Most of all I am ecstatic about the qualithy of your workmanship and the integrity with which you pursued each detail to conclusion. It was a comfor to know that I did not have to monitor your work constantly, and that you take great pride in achieving a functional and beautiful product.
— Benjamin T. Small, Muchnick, Golieb & Golieb, P.C.

Howard Chezar and his construction crew completed a major renovation of our home in Brooklyn. Because of the extensive nature of the work, it was necessary for us to vacate the apartment during the construction. Howard and his crew lived on site. Normally they would arrive on Sunday evening and depart Thursday. They respected both our personal property and that of the building. They took great care with the disposal of construction debris as they did with the delivery of construction materials. There was little if any disturbance to the building’s residents. In fact, after their day’s work ceased they were extremely quiet. They worked diligently to finish the job on time, a quality they will no doubt bring to their next job. They are responsible, tidy and conscientious.
— Miranda Magagnini